Lachlan Philpott

My guest this week is Lachlan Philpott. Lachlan’s a celebrated and nationally renowned playwright from Sydney. His work is most recently recognised for its focus on youth, but his full body of work spans ages and class. Lachlan’s characters are vivid and alive on the page, and his skill and passion have made him a leading voice in the relatively tiny world of Australian playwrighting. Works like Bison, Bustown, The Chosen, Truck Stop and Silent Disco, have been performed around the world, with some presenting possible futures in film. 

I wanted to talk to Lachlan not only because of his stature as one of our greatest playwrights, but also because he’s frequently appeared in recent years as a voice for the contemporary artist. In a fiercely competitive and political industry, Lachlan has never feared speaking up about the plights of a mid-career artist, and his words have brought comfort to me, and many like me, over the years.



Deborah Abela

Deborah Abela is the multi award-winning children's book author of over twenty books. She's best known for her Max Remy Superspy series, as well as Jasper Zammit Soccer Legend and Ghost Club. Deborah started her career in television, working for Network Ten's Cheez TV, and now tours the country promoting her work and connecting with her immense readership. We talk to Deb about courage, the shape of a career, and the search for character.

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Josh McIntosh

Josh has become one of the most prolific and well-regarded theatre designers in Queensland. He’s designed dozens of shows for Queensland Theatre Company, La Boite Theatre company, Harvest Rain Theatre Company along with several gigantic spectacles for Queensland Music Festival. He’s been shake & stir theatre co’s production designer on their entire body of nationally touring work, the award-winning adaptations of 1984, George’s Marvellous Medicine, Withering Heights, Dracula, Animal Farm and many more. Josh is highly regarded in this industry for his talent, skill and his wonderful nature. I talked with him about faith, joy and balancing your priorities.  To fin doubt more about David Burton go to Don't forget to give us a rating or review on iTunes if you enjoy the show.  

Carol Burns


Carol had an amazing acting and directing career across theatre and television. She rose to international attention in the 70’s for her starring role in the cult hit TV show Prisoner. Beyond that, Carol worked in countless theatre, film and TV roles across her entire life. One of her more recent high profile roles was in the film Tracks, and at the end of 2015 she took on the almost one-woman juggernaut Beckett theatre show Happy Days for Queensland Theatre Company. Sadly, it would turn out to be her final role. Carol passed away in December of 2015, a little less than a month after this conversation with her. It was obvious then, and now, that Carol was regarded with such affection by so many people. Having the rare opportunity to sit and talk with her, was an immeasurable privilege. Carol offers insights into the politics of making theatre, the cost of making a living and the benefits of living a fulfilled life. 


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Margi Brown-Ash

Margi's remarkable career began as an actress, where she rose to national notoriety with the Aussie cult soap classic Number 96. Since then, she's been a mother, teacher, academic, counsellor, director and arts advocate. Her trilogy of self-created indie shows Eve, Home and He Dreamed A Train have received much acclaim. Shortly after our discussion, Margi was nominated onto the Queensland Theatre Company National Artistic Team under the new leadership of Sam Strong, confirming her as currently one of the most important artists in Queensland. Margi talk's about her craft, balancing her family life, and the importance of joy. 

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Krissy Kneen

WARNING: This episode features adult themes, including the reading of an erotic sex scene. 

Krissy Kneen is a Brisbane-based bookseller and writer. Krissy has been shortlisted three times for the Queensland Premier's Literary Award, and in 2014 won the Thomas Shapcott Poetry Prize. She broke through with her erotic memoir Affection. Since then, her work has spanned sci-fi, contemporary literature, pornography and poetry. No matter the form or theme, Krissy's work is always strikingly intimate and beautifully crafted. We talk about self-doubt, plotting a career, and making your way in the world as a writer.


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Christen O'Leary

Christen O'Leary is one of Australia's greatest theatrical talents. Making her mark in Sydney and Melbourne musicals like her Helpmann award-winning role in The 25th Annual Putnam Spelling Bee, Christen returned to her hometown of Brisbane after a fifteen year absence. Her return has seen her playing some of theatre's most demanding roles. In the past four years alone Christen has played the titular role in Medea, the one-woman juggernaut Bombshells, or Judy Garland in Over the Rainbow, just to name a few. 

In this intimate conversation Christen talks about the current Australian theatrical landscape, how she approaches her relationship with self-doubt, and how her formative years helped build her into one of the hardest working actors in the country. 

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