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This is the main portfolio website for David Burton. From here, connect with David over Facebook or Twitter, listen to his regular podcasts, catch up on the latest blog, or find out what David's been working on. 


David Burton

BREAKING NEWS: David Burton wins 'Text Prize' for Young Adult and Children's Writing. 'How to Be Happy' will be published by Text in 2015. Click here for more. 

HEDONISM'S SECOND ALBUM NOW ON SALE. CLICK HERE FOR ALL THE INFO. A new comedy written by David Burton and Claire Christian, HEDONISM'S SECOND ALBUM is for anyone who's ever been let down by their favourite band or their best mates.

Well done. You made it. Here, you'll find the latest info on me: writer, nerd, tea-drinker. 
I suggest looking at 'current work' if you're looking for the latest info, or 'blog' if you'd like to read some of my daily writing. Or you might be interested in 'past work', which holds plenty of videos and photos from past projects.
Thanks for dropping by. Please don't hesitate to contact me.