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Carol Burns


Carol had an amazing acting and directing career across theatre and television. She rose to international attention in the 70’s for her starring role in the cult hit TV show Prisoner. Beyond that, Carol worked in countless theatre, film and TV roles across her entire life. One of her more recent high profile roles was in the film Tracks, and at the end of 2015 she took on the almost one-woman juggernaut Beckett theatre show Happy Days for Queensland Theatre Company. Sadly, it would turn out to be her final role. Carol passed away in December of 2015, a little less than a month after this conversation with her. It was obvious then, and now, that Carol was regarded with such affection by so many people. Having the rare opportunity to sit and talk with her, was an immeasurable privilege. Carol offers insights into the politics of making theatre, the cost of making a living and the benefits of living a fulfilled life. 


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