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Lachlan Philpott

My guest this week is Lachlan Philpott. Lachlan’s a celebrated and nationally renowned playwright from Sydney. His work is most recently recognised for its focus on youth, but his full body of work spans ages and class. Lachlan’s characters are vivid and alive on the page, and his skill and passion have made him a leading voice in the relatively tiny world of Australian playwrighting. Works like Bison, Bustown, The Chosen, Truck Stop and Silent Disco, have been performed around the world, with some presenting possible futures in film. 

I wanted to talk to Lachlan not only because of his stature as one of our greatest playwrights, but also because he’s frequently appeared in recent years as a voice for the contemporary artist. In a fiercely competitive and political industry, Lachlan has never feared speaking up about the plights of a mid-career artist, and his words have brought comfort to me, and many like me, over the years. 





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