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Under This Sky


Under This Sky was one of the largest community musical productions ever undertaken in Australia. As writer and assistant director, David was imbedded in the community of Logan for twelve months in order to create a custom celebration that had a cast of over 700 on an outdoor stage. The project was featured as a two part documentary feature on SBS Television on Australia Day evening, 2016.

The City of Logan is a vibrant place full of energy and diversity woven together by a myriad of stories, both shared and unique, but all waiting to be told.

Under This Sky is a world premiere production so spectacular that no mere stage can contain it. Carved into the banks above Logan Brothers Rugby League field, the performance space merges with the landscape and the open night sky provides a stunning backdrop.

The show boasts all original music, written by and for the community, featuring a cast of more than 700 and exploring a day in the life of this pulsing city. Musical genres mesh as gigantic puppets meet fire-twirlers, dancers face-off, a solo guitarist plays to the night stars, whilst the full-throttle sound of hotted-up lawnmowers makes way for the thunderous rhythm of massed drummers.

Logan’s stories are revealed, some with exuberance and others with tenderness, driven by energy, pride and a true sense of community.

Under This Sky is a story of joy and identity, of the ordinary and the extraordinary. This is an epic celebration of place.

Sean Mee, Creative Director
David Burton, Writer/Assistant Director
MorganicsMusic Director
Josh McIntosh, Production Designer
Bosco Shaw, Lighting Designer
Shaun Dorney, Orchestra Director/Arranger
Cath Mundy, Choral Director
Jay Turner, Assistant Choral Director
Neridah Waters, Head Choreographer
Natano Fa’anana, Co Choreographer
Jeanette Fabila, Co Choreographer