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The Voice In The Walls

THE VOICE IN THE WALLS returns in the 2015 June/July school holidays. Buy now

An interactive performance for 9-12 year olds at Old Government House

Victor and Mary are voices from the past, lingering like ghosts within the walls of Old Government House. They need help to bring their stories to light and right the wrongs of history, and there is only one person who can help them.


So keep calm, listen carefully, and do exactly as they say.

The Voice in the Walls is a new audio immersive and interactive performance for 9-12 year olds by Imaginary Theatre. Set amongst the historic halls of Old Government House, the audience will be equipped with headphones and a wireless device while they traverse the halls of the House in an audio tour like none other.

Writer: David Burton
Director: Thom Browning
Performers: Chenoa Deemal, Lucas Stibbard