An original work I co-directed and wrote in 2012, Life Etc. was an experiment in form, content and style. It marked the first of many collaborations between myself, Emily Burton and Kate Murphy. Together, we would go on to perform in Oh, The Humanity and co-direct The Winter's Tale. 

Karen has to fire Tash by the end of the night. They’re trapped in their Centrelink office fixing up Tash’s mistake. But when the wine is brought out the two get talking and end up tackling God, happiness, death and life etc. Will Karen ruin the new friendship in order to save her job?

Surf the synapses of a child’s brain, dodge bullets in Afghanistan, make friends with a psychic and meet a girl made of sticks. Experience a unique theatrical event with this surprising and inspirational new comedy from some of Queensland’s brightest theatrical talents.

Life Etc. is the latest addition in the smash-hit Home Grown season from Empire Theatre and is created by David Burton, Emily Curtin and Kate Murphy. It premiered in September of 2012.