The 2014 winner of the Text Prize is David Burton for HOW TO BE HAPPY.

A funny, sad and serious memoir of a personal journey through adolescence, How to Be Happy tackles depression, friendship, sexual confusion, suicide, academic pressure, love and self discovery. A brave and honest account of one young man’s struggle that will resonate with readers young and old. 

How to Be Happy is David’s first book.

Michael Heyward, publisher at Text Publishing : ‘This year’s winner, How to Be Happy, will delight readers. It’s the first memoir to win The Text Prize. It’s a book that sets off in pursuit of those things that are true and real. It is a three-dimensional account of how to grapple with every kind of adolescent anxiety, and it’s bursting with humour and wit. We can’t wait to publish it.’

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David Burton wins 'Text Prize' for Young Adult and Children's Writing. 'How to Be Happy' will be published by Text in 2015. Click here for more. 

David Burton wins Outstanding Alumnus of the Year and Young Alumnus of the Year for his body of work since graduating from his undergraduate degree. Click here for more.

The smash-hit play, Hedonism's Second Album is now published. You can purchase it here

Two critically-acclaimed shows for young people, 'Orbit' and 'The Landline is Me' will be published soon.

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