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David Burton is a writer from Queensland, Australia.


David Burton

David Burton is a writer from Brisbane, Queensland. By the age of 30, he'd written over two dozen professionally produced plays, published a book, and been a core part of some of the most innovative theatrical projects in Australia. He’s now 32, a Dad, and has just written a new YA fiction book, The Man In The Water.

In 2014, he won the Text Prize for Children and Young Adults' Writing for his memoir How to be Happy, published in 2015. David is also known for his award-winning theatrical work, including April's Foola verbatim play concerning illicit teenage drug use, published by Playlab Press. In 2016, his work St. Mary's in Exile premiered as part of the 2016 Queensland Theatre Company MainStage season. He’s gone on to write and direct Queensland Music Festival’s signature community works, including The Power Within (2017, in partnership with the Isaac Regional Council) and The Mount Isa Blast (2019, in partnership with the Mount Isa City Council).

David is also currently studying his doctorate. He continues to write theatre-in-education touring pieces of the Grin and Tonic Theatre Troupe




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