Writing Brisbane (a doing word)

So I'm sitting with Claire Christian, and we're talking about how she's got an opportunity to work with  Vena Cava Productions in the new year. She's looking for a play with a small young cast, that's funny and accessible. 'I'll pitch you something...' I say. Two days later, I send her this text:

Her reply...

And off we went. I have a habit of writing naughty shows at the end of the year. These past two years I've been lucky enough to be occupied with commissions and have thus not had time to let my facial hair down and write something that's just outta my own head. So I usually spend some time working on something of my own doing to close out the year. At the end of 2012 it was a particularly dark piece called 'Insects', which may or may never see the light of day. I discovered stuff in that piece that I wanted to play with though. A certain sense of recklessness, and a structural style that allowed me to play with the audience a bit. 

There's a few things that have changed about the play since that first pitch. One is the title. 'Brisbane (a doing word)' has ended up being about Brisbane theatre as much as anything else, and the weird process of maturing as an artist in a town that is actually brilliant, but often perceived as substantially less-than-brilliant. I also wanted to write something funny. A comedy. I can't speak for the script, but I now the cast and Claire make me giggle a great deal...

Vena Cava Productions, and other university-based theatre companies, are vital to the creative ecology. They provide the only truly safe space for artists to play that's substantially free of judgement. This means a great deal. It means you can create works that you can create nowhere else. It means you can take risks. It means everybody's coming into the space willing to learn from each other - it's how all theatre companies should run, but sadly don't. Vena Cava Productions is a gem, and has allowed Claire and I to work on a piece where we've learnt a lot. 

It opens Thursday. It'll be good fun. Find more info and book here