Quest for a puppy

Me ever since I moved out of home: I want a puppy.

Everyone else in my life: I know, but that wouldn't be the most responsible decision, would it?

Me: Responsible?! Who cares about responsible?!

Everyone else: You do, actually. 

Me: You suck.

Everyone else: YOU suck. 

Me: Whatever, I don't even care.

Seriously, I've wanted one for years. And you DO suck.

But the reasons for not having the responsibility of a canine companion have been too numerous to mention. Chief among them: I've lived in a consistent and ever-changing bunch of rentals for many years. Also, I travel a lot. Also, I work long hours. Also, everyone else in my life sucks and wouldn't let me get one.

But then I met my wife. And she wanted a puppy just as badly. And there were days where I would ask, and just like everyone else, she'd remind me that it wasn't the responsible thing to do. And then there were days that she would ask, and I would find myself being the sucky person that was suddenly very responsible. It seemed the day would never come. And everyone sucked.

But then, you grow up. Time passes. The rental you settle is looks like it's going to be the rental you're in for a long time. Work settles. Things become more secure. Quite out of nowhere, you realise you've become a responsible adult.

A pessimistic application to a body corporate later, and you've got yourself a waiting game. It was a long wait, and to protect ourselves, we gave up hope. And by 'give up hope' I mean we read several books on dog training and watched as many episodes of The Dog Whisperer as possible. 

And then the news came.

We're getting a puppy.

More details soon.