A letter for gay rights

Dear opponents to gay rights,

Listen, I know things have moved quickly. And not in your favour. I’m speaking to an increasingly smaller number of you and, I gotta say, that makes me happy. I think you know the writing’s on the wall. The battle has already been won. In less than a generation, the majority of Western society will have gone from violent bigotry to near-universal acceptance.

It must be disturbing for you, I get it. It’s an idea that you’re not used to, it’s something you weren’t brought up with. The whole idea of two men or two women together may even make you feel like you need a quick dose of The Honeymooners and a quick run out on the footy field. It’s not comfortable.

Ten years ago, I was sympathetic. But now, it’s becoming embarrassing. When so many of your fellow kinsman have managed to turn the corner, to examine their discomfort and grow past it, you hang on to your silent dis-ease. It’s not that you hate gay people, it’s not that you think they should be expunged from the earth. But when the topic comes up, you manage to find a reason to leave the room. When someone starts mouthing off pointless homophobia, you grin and laugh.

It’s easy for the ‘gay rights movement’ (also known as ‘most people going about their everyday lives’), to pin-point the battle front on those lunatic few who yell the loudest. But that’s not where the real trouble is. The real trouble always lies in the silent few. Those too scared to speak either way, or nod encouragingly  to the opinionated bullies of the world who feed off their passive support. Spreading compassion across the human race is actually your responsibility.

To be blunt, if you could muster an iota of motivation to get over your shit, the world can move on to things that are a bit more important than destroying or validating a basic human function: to love.

Last week, with ungracious timing and his usual Machiavellian tactics, Kevin Rudd publicly announced his important leap forward into supporting gay marriage. David Cameron, a contemporary conservative Prime Minister (of Great Britain) is attempting to pass legislation that legalises gay marriage, a choice that may ultimately derail him politically.

South of the equator in beloved New Zealand, the owners of a private guesthouse recently kicked out a lesbian couple when they asked to share a double bed.

To be fair, she sounds like a very intelligent human being:

‘Everyone knows what homosexual activity is. It’s quite clear if two guys rent one bed you know what’s going to happen. We have to protect our other guests…We’ve been threatened to have our place burnt – it’s pretty foul. They have zero tolerance if you say, ‘No, you’re not doing this in my home.’

Zero tolerance, ey?

It’s hard to regard quotes such as these as anything more than what they are: the deluded final cries of an ideology dying quicker than it expected. You can be on the ship that’s sinking, or you can take the time to step away, and examine what you really feel or think. Or research your facts independently. Or reach out to organisations like PFLAG for help for information. Or just not walk out of the room. Stay and listen.

Get smart. For my generation, I can’t begin to tell you how this is just not an issue. It’s never discussed. So very few of us give a damn at all. The change is coming, and it’s soon, where most of the world will be like this, and you need to make a decision now. Love? Or fear?

Always yours in brotherly love,