On the brink: creating something new

I’m writing this from my phone, on a train into the city, on a bright Easter Monday. I’m traveling into Metro Arts, a sanctuary for artists who are silly enough to have big ideas.

Claire Christian and I were silly enough to have a big idea.

Hedonism’s Second Album is a play (yet to be written) about a young group of men who fall into success and are suddenly asked to sustain it. It’s about what it means to be a man: bar brawls, cigarettes and drum solos.

At least, that’s what it is at the moment, at 9am on Monday morning. At 6pm on Friday night, it will have undergone five days worth of creative evolution.

Creating something, the Monday’s of our creations, are always fun. It’s a blank slate, an endless possibility. Today will be nothing less than an absolute riot. If we do this right, Tuesday will carry on with Monday’s momentum, and will swing by in a breeze.

It’s the Wednesdays, the hump days, of our collective creative weeks, that I’ve come to regard as trepidatious. Wednesday demands decisions and commitments. Wednesday is limits and fences. Wednesday, for better or worse, is when the play is made. It sits in the oven and warps and shifts under the heat of purpose and drive. Thursday and Friday are mere garnishes in comparison: last minute trimming and punching up of gags. By the time you see it on Friday night, this post will seem a lifetime away, mainly because itwill be a lifetime away. The play will have been born, grown and matured by that time.

Tickets are cheap; and I can promise this much: it’ll be funny. Buy them here, under Hedonism’s Second Album, and see our silly big idea all grown up.


This project is made possible through Brisbane City Council's Creative Sparks program.