The free Last of Us Making Of Doco

If anyone ever needed more proof that video games take the most blood, sweat and tears of any medium, the fantastic doco Grounded is pretty hard to argue with. Grounded, a free 90 minute doco on the making of The Last of Us is a fascinating glimpse into the effort it takes to construct a modern masterpiece. 

In a similar vein, I highly recommend Indie Gamea fantastic doco that takes you inside the gruelling enterprise of constructing independent games. It's well worth the $10 to stream, or you can pick it up in a whole bunch of places.

Video game docos work. There should be more of them. There's an in-built pressure build up that plays perfectly into mounting tension. Plus there's camaraderie galore and all sorts of inevitably surprising hiccoughs along the way. Video game makers always feel like the underdog. You always want to root for them. This is different to other makers, especially those in the performing arts. It's very hard to create a doco about making professional theatre, because the stakes are always pretty low. After all, this is what this bunch of people do for a living, year in, year out. But every video game, especially ones with a new IP, feel immensely personal. There's huge stakes. The industry is so innovative that there's always a 'so crazy it just might work' vibe to all that they create.

Watch Grounded and Indie Game. You'll be inspired.