February Mellow Tunes

A reminder before we begin. I'm a 26 year old male. Although I make no case for it, I am not a 78 year old woman. 

I am so easily overwhelmed by music that it's almost Autistic. I find the contemporary cacophonies  touted by 'popular' artists as the musical equivalent of eighteen courses on one plate. Too many sounds, too many textures, too much of everything. Give me a stripped back, restrained tune that actually gives me an opportunity to appreciate what the person has written, as opposed to being molested by noise and seeking a pregnancy test immediately following a dubstep number. 

Once again, 26. Not 78.

My love for the gentler side of music has often made me the subject of ridicule amongst friends. When asked to provide something 'boppy' for a car trip, I put on an album by Jump, Little Children, a fairly obscure indie band whose level of 'boppiness' is similar to the level of animation found in your average brick. That was seven or so years ago. Little has changed. 

Some would argue that this makes my musical tastes mild and boring. This is entirely true. I'm also exaggerating slightly (but not really). I do enjoy a drumbeat and a sustainable tempo as much as the next person, just not blasted into my ear and drowned out by pseudo-orgasmic vocals and a synthesiser played by a god-like elephant. 

So, here for you now are some of the finer, mellower melodies that are currently occupying my time.

Goodbye England (Covered in Snow) - Lara Marling

This is a song that belongs in my top five songs of all time. It's one of those tracks that comes along at the perfect time. I spent most of 2010 listening to this song. The chord progression and instrumentation is sublime. 

Sunnyroad - Emiliana Torrini

My good friend Carley introduced me to this song. I remember the very first few times I ever visited her house, this was on numerous playlists. Hard to resist guitar lick.

Hand On Your Heart - Jose Gonzalez

One day, I will move to South America, take on the name Jose (or something similar) and learn to play Kylie Minogue covers on a beat up acoustic guitar and make them sound amazing. Like this.

The Wolves and the Ravens - Rogue Valley

A late addition, and once again a song that I find at a perfect time in life. This is a 2014 anthem for me.