The best blogs of January, 2014

You may not have noticed, but I've been blogging everyday.

Call it a brainless New Year's Resolution, but setting the task of writing works daily that are suitable for publication has been both rewarding and challenging. I can't thank you enough for your comments and support. It's been great to see the audience grow over time and to have many interesting conversations with a lot of people. So cheers.

But the data is in. The clear winners (by a long way) for the most popular blogs in Jan were....the ones about the puppy. Not difficult to believe, but still, I was shocked by the difference. In order of popularity, here's the trilogy:

1. We got a puppy (The third instalment)

2. Quest for a puppy (The first instalment) 

3. Puppy: The Quest Continues (The second instalment)

Winners in the 'not a puppy' category are:

1. The 2013 Oscar Nominees

2. Mitty Is Pretty

3. Point and Laugh at the idiot: Anchorman 2

But the piece I received the most comments and chatter on was this one about Dungeons and dragons

Interesting, interesting. Personally, I feel like my most interesting writing is here and here - neither of which rated particularly highly. Probably because of the titles. 

See you in Feb. Thanks again.