Four YouTube Channels You Should Watch (If you're not already)


The Slow Motion Guys

Little else appeals to the science geek in all of us then watching things explode or move in slow motion for no apparent reason. Completely charming, intelligent, and self-effacing Gav and Dan make for addictive explosive fare. Their technical resources alone make them an easy watch.

Vlog Brothers

Best-selling author John Green and his brother Hank started a HUGELY popular YouTube community (Nerdfighters) WAY before John hit the big time. They do bi-weekly vlogs to this day and are a suitable mix of funny, impassioned cries for justice, and enlightened pieces of trivia. For some reason they won't let me embed a video, but you can find a good starting point here.

Jenna Marbles

So Jenna Marbles taught us that being a professional vlogger is actually a real thing and you can turn it into a very wealthy business just by making weekly videos of you being a very funny weirdo. Once again, a good starting point is here.

Amy Poehler's Smart Girls

Insanely popular comedian and all-round nice person Amy Poehler hosts a regular YouTube show where she gives advice to young girls or interviews them about the world's dilemmas. It's heart-warming and awesome. 

lso, as an extra tip, type in 'Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee' and see a whole web series produced by Jerry Seinfeld that is...well, comedians in cars getting coffee. And they talk about stuff. Awesome.