The Ten Dinner Guests You NEED At Your Dinner Party

On the latest episode of House of Nerd, Carley and I set ourselves an important challenge. We had to name the top ten nerd guests for a celebratory nerd dinner party. Problem was, we went in different directions, and I think it says a lot about us. Carley made sensible networking options that would soon see her career rocket into the stratosphere. I, meanwhile, was busy listing off a bunch of fictional characters that would ensure a riotous evening. (So sue me, I'd just die a happy man if I could see Han Solo and Kermit the Frog having a chat over wine!)

You can hear my full ridiculous list, as well as Carley's sensible choices, here or on iTunes. Meanwhile, here's my top ten nerd networking opportunities that will guarantee an awesome career to follow.

  1. Joss Whedon - I surely don't need to explain this one.
  2. Steven Moffatt - Yes, Steven, I do have interesting ideas about the series future, and yes, I think I'd make a charming Doctor. Also, my wife could easily be a companion. Jussayin'
  3. Matt Fraction - Matt, if you could come to dinner with a post-dinner lecture on how to construct the perfect superhero comic, that'd be swell. Cheers.
  4. Greg Proops - Proop-dog, I know you don't think of yourself as a nerd, but you love for classic films and Negro league baseball has all the passionate zeal of the most devoted Trekkie. Plus, you're funny.
  5. JK Rowling - You'll be paying for the dinner and teaching us about world-building, cool?
  6. George Lucas - I want you to sit beside-
  7. JJ Abrams - And I want to see what the dynamic is like.
  8. Chris Hardwick - For the love of God, if you could teach Carley and I how to monetize podcasts and use it to build a beautiful empire, I'll kiss you on the mouth.
  9. Kelly Sue DeConnick - your hubby's already at the table, but I want you to give us a lecture immediately after his on how to challenge the medium. And, again, you're very funny.
  10. Rob Grant - Talk to me about where comedy meets sci-fi, PLEASE?!!

Would you come? Who would you invite?