Bloomin' Bountiful Beautiful Boomtown

Last night was the tech rehearsal for the current project I’m on,Boomtown for Queensland Music Festival, in Gladstone. The size and scope of this community project is difficult to explain. Let me give it to you by the numbers:

  • a 26 metre wide stage
  • 300+ cast
  • Over sixty minutes of premiere original music
  • Three separate staging events occurring on water
  • Several boats, a horse, a car, and a caravan all feature in the show
  • Audiences of up to 5,000 in a sitting
  • Free entry

This is not to mention the odd series of events that happened backstage last night during technical rehearsal. If a camera panning left to right would’ve seen a series of Taiko drums, a group of German Bells, a bag piper, a didgeridoo, and more…

I’m not even telling you half of it.

If you have any way to get to Gladstone this weekend, from Thursday to Sunday, I promise you the show is worth the journey. More important than the spectacle is the idea that enormous resources can be poured into regional communities for cultural events of a national standard. Writing Boomtownwas often an exercise in creative logistics as much as community story-telling, but it was a gift to be trusted with Gladstone’s story, its people and its past, and its potential future. It feels odd to know that we’re days away from finishing our time here, as we’re approaching the zenith of our organisation. It’s been one of the most rewarding and surprising project I’ve ever been a part of. It’s a beautifully unique show. Hope to see you there.